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Janus 1000I
The Model 1000I door is the insulated version of Model 1000. This insulated door comes standard with side and top draft stop. The Model 1000 door is Janus' newest offering for ease of installation. The Pre-Assembled Industrial Door (PAID) offers a push-up operation that comes with brackets and tensioner pre-assembled. The reduced drive chain hoist operation is delivered with brackets, tension, gears and chain drive pre-assembled.

Insulated version not suitable for exterior reverse coil mount.

General Description

  • Pre-assembled for time and money savings
  • Utilizes 9 ½” diameter drum wheel
  • Maximum opening size of 12’ wide x 14’ high (168 sq.ft.)
  • Insulated with R-Value of 2.  Insulated version not suitable for exterior reverse coil mount
  • Top draft stop and Side Draft Stop included
  • Reduced Drive Chain Hoist standard on doors over 10’0" wide OR over 10’0" tall; hand operation (manual) standard on smaller doors.


  • Header seal
  • Electric Opeation Kit  for motor operation 
  • Hood
  • Stainless steel mini latch

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