How To Measure a Roll Up Door


IMPORTANT: Doors are measured width x height. Be sure to select your door size in that order for a proper fit.

Roll Up Door Measurement Steps

  1. Take measurements from the side of the wall where the door coil will be located.
  2. Check the floor condition for levelness and evenness, then note these conditions.
  3. Record Jamb type: masonry, steel, or wood
  4. Observe Jamb quality for strength, plumbness, twist and unevenness, and then note these conditions.
  5. Measure the opening width at its greatest distance.
  6. Measure the opening height at its greatest distance.
  7. Measure the left sideroom.
  8. Measure the right sideroom.
  9. Measure the vertical headroom.
  10. Measure the horizontal backroom.

Download a printable Janus Measuring Guide PDF

If you have questions regarding door opening measurements, please call (800) 837-9803.