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Janus 2500I
The Model 2500I door is the insulated version of Model 2500. Insulated doors come standard with top and side draft stop. Model 2500 is part of the Janus line of Heavy Duty Commercial Sheet Doors. It offers universal fastening guides and 12 gauge, 4 in. deep guides for larger door size openings. The greater curtain engagement feature is key for wider openings and makes Model 2500 an excellent selection.

Insulated version not suitable for exterior reverse coil mount.

General Description

  • Utilizes 12” drum wheel
  • Maximum opening size of 18’ wide x 18’ high (324 sq.ft.)
  • Insulated with R-Value of 2. Insulated version not suitable for exterior reverse coil mount
  • Top draft stop and side draft stop included
  • Reduced Drive Chain Hoist operation standard on all doors greater than 10’0" wide OR 10’0" tall; hand (manual) operation standard on smaller door sizes.


  • Header seal
  • Hood
  • Steel mounting plates
  • Stainless steel mini latch

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