Mini Pantheon Electric Door Opener 9-1/2"

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Product Highlights:
  • The Pantheons can only be used on doors that were prepped for Pantheon during manufacturing.
  • Designed to suit a 9-1/2"" drum mini series.
  • Uses a low voltage DC motor, which are more quiet and efficient than standard AC motors.
  • Fits neatly inside the torque tube of the rolling door, requiring no additional side room.
  • Features the latest in electronic technology combined with innovative engineering and a patented design.
  • Electronic limits can not be ""lost"" or ""erased"" in the event of a power failure or interruption.
  • Manufactured to exceed UL325 and CE requirements.
  • Includes floor level- cable operated manual release.
  • The operator is controlled by a logic control which offers a soft start-soft stop feature, ensuring that the motors are not subjected to undue stress during starting and stopping sequence. The door will come to rest gently and smoothly, helping to prolong the motor life.
  • Connections of external devices are simple and easy to complete with removable plug sockets, which allow the wiring to be done away from the logic controller and then simply plugged into the required position.
  • Includes receiver plus two remotes.